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Experience Reliable Accuracy and Power with PMC’s 38 Super +P 130GR FMJ-RN Ammunition

Looking for reliable and high-performance ammunition for your 38 Super +P firearm? Look no further than PMC’s 38 Super +P 130GR FMJ-RN.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this ammunition delivers consistent accuracy and dependable performance. Its full metal jacket round nose design ensures reliable feeding and penetration, making it ideal for target shooting, training, and self-defense scenarios.

Each round is carefully manufactured with high-quality components, including clean-burning propellants and non-corrosive Boxer primers. This attention to detail ensures reliable ignition and consistent velocity for each shot.

The PMC 38 Super +P 130GR FMJ-RN has a bullet weight of 130 grains and a caliber of .38 Super. With a muzzle velocity of 1230 feet per second, it boasts a muzzle energy of 475 foot-pounds, making it a powerful choice for target shooting or self-defense.

This ammunition is crafted with new, reloadable brass casings, and is optimized for semi-automatic pistols. The cartridges are Boxer-primed and non-corrosive, with a fully encapsulated, full metal jacketed bullet.

With a reputation for quality and performance, PMC ammunition is trusted by shooters around the world. Order your supply of PMC 38 Super +P 130GR FMJ-RN today and experience the difference for yourself.

FEATURES-.38 Super +P-FMJ-130 grainBallistics Velocity (feet per second) Muzzle:1100 25 Yds:105450 Yds:1014 75 Yds:979100 yds: 948Energy (foot-pounds) Muzzle: 350Bullet Path (inches)25 yds: +0.7550 yds: 075 yds: -2.92100 yds: -8.16

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